Apa reference dissertation

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Students perform two mandatory tasks, which are estimated at 25 points. Question 1 contains two passages, the volume of which does not exceed a total of 700 words and which correspond to the topics covered. Students need to compare the style and language of the passages. In question 2, it is necessary to write a text of 170–200 words with a specific purpose and for a specific target audience, while using the appropriate vocabulary, style, as arguments the processed material of texts from 1 question. Examination work 2. Letter Students perform one task out of three proposed, which is estimated at 25 points.
You must write a letter consisting of 450–600 words, or two short paragraphs related by content, each of which contains 225–300 words. Students need to write a narrative or descriptive text. This question assesses the ability of students to figuratively describe events, creating certain effects, for example, when transmitting a mood or when describing a character. We have identified key words in the tasks for which it can be concluded that all the above-mentioned types of essays will be traced in exam questions. However, at the learning stage, it is important to learn to see a specific task in the question itself: on the issue, determine which type of essay will need to be written. Thus, we believe that the student needs a specific algorithm for preliminary work on the essay. We propose a number of steps to help isolate the problem that needs to be solved, select language material and structure it according to the purpose of the essay.
Algorithm for writing an argumentative essay: Reading a question. It is necessary to select a verb that will push on the definitions of the type of essay or a combination of some of its types. For example: Task 1 a. Compare both texts and comment on what their similarities and differences in form, language and style are. Task 1 b. Imagine that you were invited to give a talk at an inter-school scientific conference on the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Write the theses of your speech (170–200 words), based on the defense of your point of view on the arguments and facts from the texts of the task 1a. Thus, the first step helps the student determine the purpose of writing the essay. Help words are also words that define the genre of an essay. Record key vocabulary. Students should build a lexical nest or paradigm of words related to the topic of the essay.