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Synthesis essay example

A recall is a transmission of thoughts and feelings caused by a read synthesis essay example. After reading the synthesis essay example, your peers should think about what an interesting book, you need to read it. Feedback on the book you read is a free work.
How to write a review of the book you read. At the beginning of the review, you must specify the author’s name and the title of the work. Then you can write at what time the events described in the book occurred. Then you can mention those individuals who are at the center of the narrative. In the main part of the review you need to express your opinion about the work you read. You can write your attitude to the book, the main characters, describe the most liked places in the work and justify why they liked it. Almost all of the reviews give a characterization of one or more heroes.
The reader tells about what kind of character traits, deeds, feats of heroes of the read book excited him. He admires the positive qualities of people – their kindness, bravery, and expresses his contempt for negative characters, outraged by their meanness, deceit, cowardice. The most interesting reviews are obtained when they have comparisons, comparisons of the read with facts known from other books or from life.
In the recall, the book must be evaluated. You can write your wishes or advice to other children, tell you what you thought after processing the book, what the book taught. Maybe the young man will want to reread this book again, let him write why. At the end, you can write your opinion about the language of the book and give an example of the passage you like. Below are some examples of questions that can help in working on a review.
Before making a review it is worthwhile to think carefully about what the author wanted to write about. Do not blame him for the fact that his book does not have something that he was not going to write about.
It’s not desirable to disclose all the details of the narrative and talk about the finale. This deprives the product of intrigue, it’s unlikely to be read later.

Do not write a review of a book that does not like it. And it is not desirable to take up the works of the author, who is a good acquaintance or friend – you can lose in objectivity. Evaluate should not be the reputation of the writer, but the book itself.
Both the reader and the reviewer agree that reading should bring joy to a person – this should not be forgotten. This should be followed when writing a review.