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What is research paper?

What is research paper:
1. Bibliographic description. It includes an indication of the author of the book and the title, as well as the publishing house and the year of release. If you know the creative history of the work, you can briefly say about it.
2. Compressed retelling of the content, the volume of which should not exceed 2 sentences. Why is not a detailed retelling recommended? It reduces the value of parsing. Having become acquainted with this review, a person will no longer want to read the book itself.
3. Impression of the narrative read:
– The meaning of the name. Interpretation of the name, which is often multivalued or metaphorical, is very important.
-Content analysis. The definition of the topic and ideas. The authentication of the main problems identified in the book. Evaluate the style and genre identity.
– Features of the composition. With the help of her analysis, the reviewer tries to unravel the author’s intention. The methods of composition, its relation to the plot of the work and the arrangement of parts in the book are considered.
– An image of the author of the heroes, his specific techniques, allowing to sympathize or hate the characters of the narrative.
– Individual style features. It’s important to emphasize how the individuality of the author of the book is expressed, how his style differs from others, what artistic methods are used in the work.
4. Illustrative material and general design of the book, the quality of printing. These components are described in the review is not always.
5. Conclusions. Identify the place of the work among other works of contemporary authors. Correlate the content plan with the expression plan: how the author managed to do what he wanted to say.
Principles of peer review
Expression of his attitude to the book is realized on the basis of knowledge of the theory of literature through the literate analysis of the work. The opinion of the reviewer is always justified and reasoned.
Analyzing the work, the person writing the critical article partially forms the reader’s attitude. The reviewer should not forget about the ethical aspect of writing an article. Loyalty, tact and restraint in judgments will help make the review attractive to those who read it.
Do not write a review of a book that does not like it. And it is not desirable to take up the works of the author, who is a good acquaintance or friend – you can lose in objectivity. Evaluate should not be the reputation of the writer, but the book itself.