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A response is a detailed statement of an emotionally evaluative nature that contains the opinion of the author of the review about the work read and the argumentation of that opinion.
Definition essay examples is to share impressions of the read, draw attention to the work, take part in the discussion.
The work is dominated by the author of the review. He explains his interest, his personal addiction to the writer or a separate work. Perhaps, for the author , the public importance of the problem raised in the book is important, its relevance is also explained. The system of recall arguments is based on personal reading experience, personal tastes and preferences. Heroes of a work of art are considered as literary types or human characters. An assessment is given of their relationship, their behavior from the moral, ethical, moral, psychological point of view of the author of the review.
The pronounced subjectivity of recall provides the possibility of free composition while observing the logic of the utterance. The presence of any stencil, any requirements for recall leads to standardization, “facelessness” of the evaluation of the work.
Summarizing the characteristics of the works, it should be emphasized once again that for all the diversity of their types, genre features are:
However, some sources still give advice on how constructively you can build a review.
In the introduction the theme of the work is presented, the degree of its relevance is noted. Then it is dotted with the content (time, place, conflict). Here, the overall impression of the read can be formulated, although not necessarily.
 The main part of the recall is a reasoning in which a reasoned assessment of the work, individual episodes, characters and behavior and character relationships is given. The thoughts and feelings of the he of the review, inspired by the work, are expressed. In this part, as a rule, one of the types of reviews mentioned above is manifested.
A general evaluation of this work is given in comparison with other works of the same author, or on the same subject, with other opinions of readers, etc. Sometimes there may be a call to the reader with recommendations for reading or vice versa.
This composition is not mandatory, but it can be a starting point for creating your own review.